A Red Teamer’s Guide to GPOs and OUs

Active Directory is a vast, complicated landscape comprised of users, computers, and groups, and the complex, intertwining permissions and privileges that connect them. The initial release of BloodHound focused on the concept of derivative local admin, then BloodHound 1.3 introduced ACL-based attack paths. Now, with the release of BloodHound 1.5, pentesters and red-teamers can easily find attack paths that include abusing control of Group Policy, and the objects that those Group Policies effectively apply to.

In this blog post, I’ll recap how GPO (Group Policy Object) enforcement works, how to use BloodHound to find GPO-control based attack paths, and explain a few ways to execute those attacks.

  • The Moving Parts of Group Policy
  • GPO Enforcement Logic
  • Analysis with BloodHound
  • Abusing GPO Control

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